What is the RETIPLUS® system?

THE RETIPLUS SYSTEM is a software installed on EPSON  MOVERIO SmartGlasses that the patient wears and a tablet that the O/O perates.

The O/O RETIPLUS KIT is composed of the aforementioned devices with RETIPLUS inside that are exclusively dedicated to the “RETIPLUS Digital Eye test” and carrying out the functional visual rehabilitation sessions necessary for the activation of the patient’s visual rest.

All image parameters that the O/O configure on the Tablet (position, size, zoom, bright, contrast) show on the displays on real time. This is what we call “RETIPLUS digital eye test”.

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How does RETIPLUS work?

RETIPLUS uses the SmartGlasses front-camera (1) to capture the image in front of the patients eyes (figure # 2). Our proprietary algorithm processes the video image captured by the camera in real-time to be processed according to the specific patient vision condition.

The process is defined and calibrated by eye care professional. Then, the video image is projected on the SmartGlasses displays (2), superimposing a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view optimized for maximizing patients vision.

Finally, during its use in daily activities, the user is able, thanks to the SmartGlasses controller (3), to calibrate the video-parameters as brightness and contrast as well as making zoom in/zoom out and other functions as contours & silhouette view. This enables its perfect adaptation to different environments, ambient lights and to long and short distance. It makes RETIPLUS the ALL-IN-ONE solution for every activity of daily living (static and mobility tasks). 

With the RETIPLUS system, the professional has the opportunity to offer the patient a different functional visual rehabilitation service, in indoor and outdoor environments, promoting the development of their functional abilities in activities of daily life that require mobility and orientation, achieving In this way, improve their personal autonomy.

RETIPLUS® SYSTEM advantages for the Professional

RETIPLUS digital calibration facilitates the customization of SmartGlasses to the visual condition of the patient, activating and optimizing the functional use of his remaining vision.

  • The professional understand better the visual condition of each Patient.
  • The RETIPLUS KIT works offline when performing the“RETIPLUS
    Digital Eye Test”
  • It concentrates several aids in a single device, via the installation of different help “views” on the SmartGlasses screens and the incorporation of selective filters.
  • It allows functional Visual Rehabilitation to be carried out in mobility with sessions in real indoor and outdoor environments.
  •  It motivates the patient to improve their autonomy, facilitating teamwork and collaboration, systematizing the periodic relationship with the specialist.

Optometrists' FAQs

PLUSINDES organize and coordinate the RETIPLUS Certification Courses. The courses are face-to-face or via videoconference online in a active intercommunication between participants for explaining the methodology and conclusions of the RETIPLUS Clinical Trial, as well as guidelines for patient selection, clinical techniques to perform the evaluation of the patient's visual function through the SmartGlasses, and the procedures and experience for the "RETIPLUS digital eye test", and guidelines for Patients training is static and mobility.

The KIT RETIPLUS is included in the Course and the total amount is stronglyreduced. The Professional receives his RETIPLUS KIT at the beginning of the Course, and uses it simultaneously during the explanations to familiarize himself, quickly understand its functionality and be able to use it immediately afterwards in his Optical Center.

RETIPLUS® is prescribed and sold through Ophthalmology and OptometryCenters that have Certified Specialists, RETIPLUS® CERTIFIED OPTOMETRISTS (RCOs).

Like any visual aid, RETIPLUS requires the timely and responsible training of an RCO, who will define the details and times of the training.
The usual thing is that the patient starts using their SmartGlasses in "basic
mode", and after a some time, the Specialist decides if the system can be
used in "advanced mode".
In addition, RETIPLUS® is a reconfigurable aid based on the evolution of the patient's visual function. This allows the Specialist a continuous progress in rehabilitation therapy generating adherence to treatment.

No. The Professional only have to connect the Tablet to the internet at the moment of login for verification of active license and authenticated user through your personal password. Once the RETIPLUS platform has been recognized the user, the internet connection is no longer necessary.

The Patient SmartGlasses do not need internet to work.

The License of Use of the RETIPLUS® Platform commits the professional user to develop a responsible relationship with their Patients. You must commit to not offering the aid device without proper prior training, while offering the appropriate follow-up services.
During the 15 days following the sale of any PLUSINDES device, the Professional will offer the Patient an eventual re-adaptation / re-personalization free of charge, while also offering the appropriate follow-up services.
For the purposes of continuous improvement and for the improvement of the products, the Professional will complete and send by email to PLUSINDES, SL the survey forms to patients who try it, acquire or not the device.
The Optical Center undertakes to disseminate PLUSINDES, SL products on its website and on its social networks, as well as display the information elements provided by PLUSINDES, SL (informative brochures, posters, videos, etc.). It will also promote test appointments to selected target patients in its patient database each month.
The KIT RETIPLUS® is for personal use of the RCO, it can not be lent, or transmitted to other professionals, which would be an immediate reason for deactivating the license.

Testimonials of Professionals

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