Vision 2022 – XIII INTERNATIONAL LOW VISION CONFERENCE: “Imagining the imposible”

Vision 2022 – XIII INTERNATIONAL LOW VISION CONFERENCE: “Imagining the imposible”

Organized by VISPA, the Irish association for the visually impaired and under the slogan “Imagining the impossible”, the XIII INTERNATIONAL LOW VISION CONFERENCE was held on July 5-8, 2022 at the Convention Center in Dublin – Ireland.
This forum is probably the most relevant world meeting, exchange and debate framework for Low Vision professionals.

This Congress is held every 3 years, rotating through different continents. The previous meeting was held in 2017 at the Wold Forum in The Hague (The Netherlands), and due to the pandemic, 5 years have passed instead of 3 for the new international meeting.

Eminent professors and specialists from all over the world have gathered in Dublin, such as Ophthalmologist Pearse A. Keane, Professor Rupert Bourne, or Professor Jane Farrar, as well as relevant figures in research and advances in visual rehabilitation. Without forgetting the famous researcher Eli Peli, whom we had the pleasure of meeting personally in Madrid in 2019.

Nearly 400 specialists from all over the world have interacted and shared experiences at the Dublin event, where the presence of the RETIPLUS SYSTEM could not be missing. Its creator, Rafael Cámara, presented this innovation based on Augmented Reality, highlighting its advantages and benefits for patients and specialists with low vision as a creative visual rehabilitation system.

RETIPLUS SYSTEM is already present in 13 countries with RETIPLUS Certified OpticalCenters (RCOs)

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