What is the RCO committed to with PLUSINDES?

The License of Use of the RETIPLUS® Platform commits the professional user to develop a responsible relationship with their Patients. You must commit to not offering the aid device without proper prior training, while offering the appropriate follow-up services.
During the 15 days following the sale of any PLUSINDES device, the Professional will offer the Patient an eventual re-adaptation / re-personalization free of charge, while also offering the appropriate follow-up services.
For the purposes of continuous improvement and for the improvement of the products, the Professional will complete and send by email to PLUSINDES, SL the survey forms to patients who try it, acquire or not the device.
The Optical Center undertakes to disseminate PLUSINDES, SL products on its website and on its social networks, as well as display the information elements provided by PLUSINDES, SL (informative brochures, posters, videos, etc.). It will also promote test appointments to selected target patients in its patient database each month.
The KIT RETIPLUS® is for personal use of the RCO, it can not be lent, or transmitted to other professionals, which would be an immediate reason for deactivating the license.
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