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Patients FAQs

Relevant retina specialized ophthalmologists worldwide are supporting the RETIPLUS SYSTEM for its innovative value and the promising future for helping different visual conditions. You can find their opinions in the testimonials section.

Even using a cane requires some training. Also for RETIPLUS SmartGlasses. Your specialist should analyze your visual condition and personal characteristics to evaluate the training you would need.
SmartGlasses are prescribed and acquired through RETIPLUS CERTIFIED OPTOMETRISTS (RCOs) and some training is usually required depending on the patient's visual condition and personal characteristics. Therefore, the price is variable according to each treatment. However, RETIPLUS is probably the most competitive technological wearable aid in the world market.

It depends of visual conditions and pathologies, but in general many people recover the illusion of being able to enjoy theatre, museums and sports and leisure activities that before having RETIPLUS had lost. However, movies and television have major limitations depending scenes. Speedy movements scenes or blinking lights scenes are not welcome for damaged retinas even through RETIPLUS SmartGlasses.

After proper training, and depending on the indications of your specialist, you will be authorized under your own responsibility to walk while using your own vision and the extra "aid view" provided by the screens of the RETIPLUS SmartGlasses. At the beginning, you should become familiar with the bioptic mode, then the goal is to use the scanning mode.

The charging of SmartGlasses is simple through a standard USB cable, so it can be charged through any USB charger to electric plug or in the car, or with your computer or via a powerbank, allowing recharging in any situation.

When connecting the Controller of the SmartGlasses with the aforementioned USB cable to a powerbank => 8,000 mAh, the battery life becomes 10+h.

It is also possible to use the Smartglasses while they are being loaded simultaneously by any of the aforementioned methods.

It depends considerably on the use and functions that are used. The contour mode, for example, is a large energy consumer due to the powerful algorithms required in real time. However, in the worst case, the battery lasts 3 hours.

Please, be aware that connecting a powerbank => 8,000mAh, the battery life becomes 10+h.

Progressive lenses can be used under SmartGlasses. On the contrary, non-progressive lenses are not OK with RETIPLUS. In any case, your Specialist will advise you or provide you with a frame for lenses that will fit the SmartGlasses. Same accessory is to be used when Patient needs selective filters.

Unlike other devices with screens close to the eyes that require intermediate lenses for focusing (Virtual Reality devices). However, our SmartGlasses works on Augmented Reality. The images are projected to infinity and are always on focus.

Do not.
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