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Who we are?

PLUSINDES, SL was born in 2014 from a research group made up of industrial and computer engineers, together with low vision patients, to provide them with technological solutions based on Augmented Reality SmartGlasses, and to facilitate their daily lives, as well as to help ophthalmologists and opticians/ optometrists in understanding how their low vision patients see and provide them with professional tools that allow them to customize SmartGlasses for each visual condition and perform Visual Rehabilitation to activate them functionally.

The early incorporation of a powerful Advisory Board in ophthalmology and optometry, allowed the execution of a Clinical Study at the Faculty of Optics and Optometry of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (UCM). After the experience and teachings gained in the clinical study, the RETIPLUS SYSTEM was launched in the international market as the most advanced technological visual aid available to patients and specialists.

The RETIPLUS SYSTEM is based in patents presented by PLUSINDES,SL in Spain ES2542804, USA US2017/0038607 and in Europe EP3716213. In 2023, it obtains Next Generation funds from the EC.

Its algorithms are registered in the United States Copyright Office (USCO), and have earned the Seal of Excellence of the H2020 Program of the European Commission.

On June 30th, 2018 the First RETIPLUS Certification Course was held in Madrid (Spain) and the pioneers RETIPLUS CERTIFIED OPTOMETRISTS (RCOs) began to prescribe and personalize the Smartglasses to their low vision patients in their countries.

PLUSINDES, SL currently has a wide network of RETIPLUS certified centers and a presence in 13 countries.

RETIPLUS is only prescribed and marketed through Ophthalmology and Eye Care Centers that count with Certified RETIPLUS Optometrists (RCOs).

To whom is it addressed?

Patented algorithms.

UCM rehabilitación visual

RETIPLUS Seal of Excellence.

clinical trial UCM

Clinical trial by Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

clinical trial UCM

Visual rehabilitation protocol (UCM)

Our Company culture

Provide better quality of life to Low Vision persons.

Leverage on leading edge technology to provide solutions to Low Vision patients.

Free WOW test for making sure that the Patient is a proper candidate.

1 year warranty

Software updating, usage tips and customization checking by the RETIPLUS Certified Optometrist (RCO)


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