Plusindes will soon be at OPTOM2023.

retiplus en optom 2023

Plusindes will soon be at OPTOM2023.

optom meeting 2023
Presentation of OPTOM MEETING 2023

Last November, the next edition of OPTOM 2023 was presented, which will be held from June 2 to 4 at the Palacio de Congresos of Toledo.

As explained by Juan Carlos Martínez Moral, President of the General Council of Colleges of Opticians-Optometrists (CGCOO), the title of this edition will be “Rehabilitation, visual therapy and orthoptics. From knowledge to daily practice in binocular vision and low vision”.

In Toledo, a unique setting due to its history and special charm, OPTOM 2023 will be implemented through nine sessions, workshops, keynote speeches, presentations, round tables and networking between industry and experts.

According to Martínez, “OPTOM 2023 aims to establish the scientific positions of all the processes involved in rehabilitation, vision therapy in binocular vision and low vision. And to know what is recommended, and what is not.».

In addition, the CGCOO with all its professional associations, are committed to promoting every work to find scientific evidence on visual rehabilitation processes. And when there are no studies that support them, the professionals should inform patients that there is no “contrasting evidence”.

PLUSINDES, SL will be present at OPTOM 2023 since its mission is to apply the new Augmented Reality technologies to improve the functional performance of the patient in their binocular vision, and in the possibilities of optimizing the use of their remaining vision via the visual rehabilitation that RETIPLUS algorithms offer through certain SmartGlasses.

It is very relevant that the title of the event encourages us to act “from knowledge to daily practice in binocular vision and low vision”. Within this framework, and under this approach towards the importance of rehabilitation within the professional practice of the optician-optometrist, the RETIPLUS SYSTEM and its Visual Rehabilitation Protocols is a relevant and innovative theme at the event. One of the presentations will deal with the RETIPLUS rehabilitation protocol for RP endorsed by the Faculty of Optics and Optometry of the UCM.

This is a great opportunity to pool knowledge.

Relevant specialists will present news and topics of interest around the RETIPLUS SYSTEM, such as:

– The approach to visual field defects

– The promotion of autonomy in Low Vision

– Testimonials with patient experience

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